Transferring clients to our new Ziontech hosting platform has involved, among other things, transferring over clients' existing mail account set-ups to the new platform. For clients who have virtual servers, this includes mailboxes. If the client has access to the Ziontech Control Panel for their site/s then they can set up their desired mailboxes as and when needed.

Stage 1

Firstly log in to the Control Panel (Fig.1) and enter the domain name of the site and Control Panel password (this will have been provided when the virtual server was set up) as well as the Security Check code displayed below the log-in and then click 'Log-in Now'.

Fig. 1

Stage 2

When in to the Control Panel view the Email window (Fig.2) and select 'Mail Boxes'.

Fig. 2

Fig. 3In this section there is an option to ‘Add Mailboxes’. Enter the mailbox name in the left hand box - e.g 'info' - and select the domain required (e.g Click 'Add' and a mailbox will be created (along with its own password). (Fig. 3)

After an hour or so, the new mailbox should be able to send and receive e-mails.

If you are using a mail client such as Outlook, then when setting up the new mail account (e.g

  • The user name will be the email address ('')
  • ‚ÄčThe password will be the one created when the mailbox was set up.
  • For the Incoming (POP) mail server details use the following - (where is replaced by the domain name)
  • For the Outgoing (SMTP) mail server details use the following - (where is replaced by the domain name)

Remember both incoming AND outgoing servers require authentication and both use the same credentials.

If you run into any problems please don't hesitate to contact us.