Our team of Web Developers, SEO Consultants, AdWords Specialists and Designers

Our Team

We're made up of several members of both full and part-time staff. Our staff have over 90 years joint experience in the industry across different skill sets including programming, marketing and search engine optimisation.

We all share a passion for delivering great websites, powerful web-based business solutions and effective online marketing.

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Tim Clark

Creative Director

Tim started programming at the age of 12 and has worked for McDonnell Douglas, Somerset County Council and The Arcadia Group before starting out on his own in 1996. Tim built ZTS up over the years and is responsible for most areas of the buisness, chiefly - sales, systems analysis, project management, client marketing, customer liasons and business strategy. Tim enjoys films, good food and hiking.


Leon Mitchell

Content Co-ordinator

Leon is our Content Co-ordinator, he populates new sites with images and text to help describe our clients businesses. Leon also deals with domain names, hosting and a multitude of client specific jobs. Leon enjoys music, films and making chocolate cake.


Steve Vallis

Consultant Programmer

Steve, after working full time for us for many years, now runs his own consultancy in Bristol called Polynomial. Steve helps us to create powerful web based solutions for businesses including Intranets, CRM's and booking systems. Steve enjoys travel, books and films.


Matthew Maddox

Graphic Designer

Matthew is our lead Graphic Designer, he helps to take a clients branding and vision to transform it into clean, modern designs that then go on to become a performant, responsive websites. Matt lives in Atlanta GA and enjoys socialising, wine and philosophy.


Samuel Giles

Contract Web Developer

Sam is a freelance web developer who helps us to produce websites and web based solutions using the latest technologies. Sam helps to create impressive, easy to use experiences. Sam enjoys music, festivals and cider.


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We're always on the lookout for people to join our team, you'll need to have some experience of web technology, ideally in Rails or ASP, you'll need to understand terms such as "git", "less" and know how to merge in changes from a branch (not the plant kind).

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