Google sums up the the GAP program as follows:

Google Advertising Professionals are online marketing professionals, agencies, and other individuals – such as search engine marketers (SEMs), search engine optimizers (SEOs), and marketing consultants – who currently manage or want to manage AdWords accounts. They must sign up for the program successfully and have an active AdWords account. Qualified Individuals and Qualified Companies go to extra lengths to attain this status, including passing our exam which demonstrates their in-depth knowledge of AdWords.

Although Google AdWords is primarily a self service program, clients bring on Google Advertising Professionals for many reasons:

  • So that the clients can focus on their business itself, not the search campaigns.
  • It is less expensive to hire a Google Advertising Professional than to hire an in-house employee.
  • Clients are displeased with their existing campaigns’ results.
  • Clients simply want to have a specialist handling this important part of their marketing mix.

Ziontech’s Tim Clark has been a GAP since 2005 and Rachel since 2007. If you would like to talk to us about setting up an AdWords account for your business or would like us to look at your existing campaign then please do not hesitate to contact us.