Also in many circumstances for existing customers with ‘,, etc.’ domain variants, the new ‘.uk’ equivalent domain will have been automatically reserved from today’s launch date.

How to qualify for a reserved ‘.uk’ domain

If you already have an existing ‘unique‘,,,, or variant of your chosen domain then the ‘.uk’ may have already been reserved for you until 10 June 2019 (that’s exactly 5 years from now!).The official ‘.uk’ site has a ‘Rights Lookup’ section where you will be able to see who has the first rights to a particular ‘.uk’ domain name.

However if you decide not to register your new ‘.uk’ equivalent domain before this date, it will then become available for someone else to register. Also, if at any time during these five years you decide not to renew your etc. existing domain then the ‘.uk’ equivalent will automatically become available for someone else to register.

Unique ‘.uk’ domain names

There will still however be many ‘.uk’ unique domain variants that are available to register which have no equivalents and will not require a 5 year reservation period. Please contact us if you are interested.

For more details on the launch please visit the official ‘.uk’ site.