In their infinite wisdom Epson have decided not support this scanner beyond Windows XP. You might think this would be because the technology has moved on so much that these old dinosaurs are now redundant. However, as you might have already guessed, this isn’t the case.

Once I was faced with the message “Sorry, we do not provide Windows 7 drivers for this model” from Epson, I had to make a choice – either buy a new scanner or write my own driver! Well, I once wrote a printer driver for a Sony viewdata system using binary, but this wasn’t 1988 any more. So… what to do? Easy, hack the old drivers or course! Well, I say hack, what I actually mean is change two lines an a couple of text files in the old XP driver pack.

… and yes, it works a treat.

Epson would no doubt claim that this would, of course, not meet their rigorous quality control. Well, hey ho, it meets mine!

Here is the driver pack (modified) if anyone else wants it.