We have today put phase one of this new site live ( Visitors can find out more about the charity’s work, donate money and/or time, as well as visit the blog site. I and all the staff here at Ziontech Solutions are pleased to be able to support this new charity, we wish Denise Harris (Lee’s Mother) and all the others involved, every success in their mission.

The official press launch took place in Bristol this morning with Denise and six of the other seven mothers delivering the following statement:

Afghan Heroes has been formed as a mother’s legacy, sadly almost every week another family hears the devastating news that their loved one will not be coming home. They need help to come to terms with their loss and I am speaking on behalf of all mothers to ensure that Afghan Heroes delivers the right support.

Afghan Heroes is independent of other forces charities. It deals specifically with members of the British forces and their families that have been affected by the military operations in Afghanistan now and into the future. The intention is to operate until a minimum of five-years from the cessation of our military presence in Afghanistan.

Afghan Heroes will deliver support through:

1. The “Thank a Soldier” initiative.
2. The provision of home comforts to those serving in Afghanistan.
3. Motivational and morale boosting support directly to our forces on the front line
4. A support network for the families of the fallen, creating an open environment where families can give support to each other

We are on a mission:
In the first phase of our mission we seek to deliver:

On the front-line:
• Support for all our service personnel in Afghanistan so they know they are not alone.
• Provision of much needed “home comfort” supplies.
• The launch and promotion of the “Thank a soldier” initiative.

On the home-front:
• The creation of support groups for the families of the fallen
• Events for families to join together for mutual support.

In each of these tasks we aim to work with the military authorities to ensure the right support reaches the right people at the right time.

We ask anyone who has been affected by events in Afghanistan to contact us through the website