Ziontech Solutions have been working closely with the Young Persons' Trust for the Enviroment (YPTE) since we built their new site in 2014. This year marks the first time that we have also been responsible for the Total Green School Awards competition web site, providing web-based solutions for managing this year's online entries. On June 17th, Tim and myself were invited as Ziontech representatives, to attend this year's Total Green School Awards which were held at London Zoo.

The awards ceremony involved the four regional winners of the competition firstly receiving their awards and culminated in the final national award for the best in competition. Each of the projects displayed the pupils' creativity and their eco-awareness and were all highly commended. Throughout the presentations, elements of both the YPTE & Total Green School Awards websites could be seen on display by the gathered audience.

This year's winners were the English Martyrs Catholic Voluntary Academy from Derbyshire who came up with 50 eco-friendly tasks to raise funds to aid the construction of their new partner school in Bunkpurugu, Ghana.

Prize givers included TV and radio presenter Dermot O'Leary and wildlife filmmaker Adrian Cale. There was also a chance to sample the BBQ food on offer and to view some of the zoo exhibits!

Many thanks to YPTE, their trustees and for Total for allowing us to attend.