F G Parker wanted a new website giving them the ability to detail all of the different services that they can provide as well as the ability for a user to contact them via an enquiry form. The site uses large high quality banner images giving it a clean look and feel. The website is fully responsive so it visually adapts to the device it is being used on, meaning customers can browse from their mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Bespoke Content Management System

The F G Parker website is fully content managed so staff have the ability to log into the admin and change any content on the website. They also have the ability to edit or add new services. This means FG Parker can keep their website up to date without having to ask us to make changes for them.

F G Parker

F G Parker


F.G. Parker & Co Ltd are a business based in Bridport, Dorset, that specialise in profile wrapped mouldings and furniture components

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