Last week we were lucky to have Laura Cairns from Sturminster Newton High School completing her work experience with us. She decided to produce a website on a band she liked. With little past experience in web development, Laura managed to produce this very impressive website in just a week:

To view the website click here.


We asked Laura to write a comment on her time here at Ziontech:

really enjoyed working here at Ziontech for my work experience. I learnt so much in the four days I worked here; it was really insightful. It was great to be able to build my own website as it allowed me to gain first-hand experience in the methods and techniques used in designing and building websites. I was really pleased with my final product; it looks professional and I am grateful for the support and education that I have received in creating it. Everyone at Ziontech was very kind and I had a lot of fun working here.’

This week we are joined by Nathan from Bucklers Mead Academy to complete his work experience who we’re sure will do just as well as Laura in producing his own website.

We hope that doing after doing work experience here at Ziontech, Laura and Nathan will have developed new skills and gained an experience of working life that they will benefit from in the future. Our aim is to prepare the pupils to follow the right paths and hopefully we have given them more of an interest in pursuing a career in IT.