The system is a bespoke ‘Ruby on Rails’ application, it takes advantage of the latest technologies and recent advancements in search engine optimisation to be able to give visitors a fast, fluid experience whilst giving excellent search engine rankings.

We gave the website a simple design giving it a clean modern feel and leaving room to add additional properties without having to redesign the whole site. The website is also responsive so works well on any device.

We gave Woodstock Suites an easy to use admin system to manage bookings and they can also edit any content on the site through this. The admin system is responsive so bookings can be managed from a mobile device.

The website uses SagePay to allow users to pay for their bookings online meaning that staff don’t have to manually process payments, it’s all done through the system including reminders for payment emails meaning they don’t even need to manually chase visitors for payment.

If you’re thinking of revamping your holiday letting site or don’t currently have a web presence then contact us today.