In the past subscribers had the ability to view the digital issues of the magazines online through Token Publishing’s Magazine Viewer. However, now the digital issues are available to download on iOS devices through the Newsstand App. We produced two apps for Newsstand, Coin News and Medal News, which are now both accessible on iPad and iPhone via the app. Individual back issues can also be purchased through the app and users can sign up for a subscription that will send new issues straight to their device as they are released.

This is a great achievement giving Token Publishing exposure via the app store and adding value to their digital subscriptions for existing digital subscribers who can log in and unlock every issue. The digital issues of both Coin News and Medal News are both accessible online via the responsive web application and now through the Newsstand app as well. The use of mobile devices for browsing the web is becoming increasingly popular and now many people use apps instead of their browser where possible. Ziontech are able to develop bespoke mobile apps for various platforms such as the App Store or Google play, if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss bespoke mobile application development.

Click here to download the Coin News or Medal News Newsstand App.