The home page on the Sherborne Girls website features various different news feeds. For example, it includes; a Facebook feed that takes posts directly from the Sherborne Girls Facebook page, a ‘Latest News’ feed taking the most recent articles from the blog and a calendar feed taking current and upcoming events from the calendar. This is effective in providing users with up to date information that will be constantly changing with various items of school news and events, keeping the homepage both current and relevant.

The site features a new menu providing simple navigation and a breadcrumb trail with various levels helping users to easily navigate back and forth between pages. There is also a new gallery system which enables Sherborne Girls to separate pictures from different events into categories providing a high quality banner image for each one.

Like many of the sites that we’ve developed recently, the new Sherborne Girls website uses responsive design techniques so can therefore, adapt to the device that it is being viewed on, providing you with a viewing experience that is tailored to your mobile device.

The new site has an admission registration form, giving parents the ability to register their daughter at the school online. It also enables people to view and apply online for job vacancies at the school. It has a complete content management system allowing Sherborne Girls to have full control over the content of the site including the calendar and the gallery.